Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.

With Burnt House Productions origins routed in viral videos it has quickly grown to become one of the islands premier film companies expanding into all walks of the filming world.   With the ability to shoot on land, sea and air Burnt House Productions award winning work has ranged from  Music Videos, Corporate Ads, Television Promos, Short Films, and Documentaries to on-island liaisons for larger international clients and their shoots.  Burnt House Productions strives for creative innovation while maintaining a professional and fun work environment.

The Unusual Suspects

Andrew Kirkpatrick

Director / Co-Producer

From swimming with Tiger Sharks to hanging from 600ft Rope Swings there is no place Andrew won’t film.  His passion for film and zest for life has lead to the birth of Burnt House Productions dedicated to creating fresh and innovative content.  In his spare time Andrew tends to do the exact same things he does for work.  His only known weakness is his addiction to his neighbours famous Mac N’ Cheese.

Nhuri Bashir

The Fixer / Co-Producer

With his savvy business sense and eye for detail Nhuri is the go-to Fix-It man that dresses strangely well.  While also wearing the hats of Producer and Loving Husband, Nhuri always gets the job done even finding time to stare at sunrises……. not sure what that’s about.   Nhuri is the Central Nervous System of Burnt House, connecting people and visions while keeping things running smoother than a Baileys Bay milkshake.

Jacin Lowe

Editor / Camera Guru

Lowe-cally known as the graphics wiz kid, Jacin is a self taught production beast.   However, his talent is not confined to the filming world as he is a Grand Master PS4 player with an impressive appetite.  His quick thumbs give him his edge in the office while outside he has been known to inhale a Fish Cake pon Coffee Roll with Peanut-butter and Bananas in 6 seconds flat….. wrapper and all.

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