On-Island Liaison

Burnt House Productions provides on-island facilitation for any sized production company looking to film, photograph or host an event in Bermuda.

Burnt House Productions is dedicated to making your international video and photography shoots run as smoothly as possible.  We provide logistical support, facilitate permits, customs, location scouting, talent, crew, equipment, accommodation and transportation for filmmakers & photographers who wish to conduct filming in Bermuda.


Coming to a new place and trying to organize a shoot can be quite daunting. Our fixer makes this process as pain free as possible coordinating whats happening on island with your Producer.

On-Island Transportation:

As mopeds are the only available ‘For Hire’ transportation in Bermuda it can often become quite pricey hiring taxis and mini vans. We provide competitively priced transportation for crew and gear on land and sea with experienced drivers who are familiar with on set etiquette and sensitivity of production equipment.


We have worked with a variety of local Hotels, Guest Houses and family friends who provide us with the best rates to fit your budget. Whether you are looking to impress a visiting client with a luxury suit or a crew just looking for a place to crash we can get you sorted.


The most important thing for any production crew is FOOD, FOOD, and more FOOD. We work with any sized budget to delivery the tastiest of meals with a varying menu considerate of dietary needs.

Location Scouting:

Whether you are looking to get a jump start on spotting an ideal shoot location or looking to drive the island in search of one we can provide useful local knowledge of any desired location. Photos with hourly sun angles, tides, weather patterns and compass readings can be provided on request.


Bermuda contains a variety of individuals with strong production skills and international experience that can be valuable when in need of crew members. We employ and can provide DP’s, Camera Operators, Sound Mixers, Gaffers, Grips, Runners, PA’s, Actors and more.

Gear Rental:

It is always a pain traveling with cases and cases of camera gear. Our company can help alleviate some of those costs and back aches by providing Cameras, Grip Kits, Lights and more. Feel free to email us to talk further about the equipment you will require.

International Productions: